Our Story

Kulcha express real taste of Amritsar was born from within our team of chefs .it has been a wonderful journey as in to say to give an experience like no other.

It has been true to say it has been an exceptional experience to reach here at this present moment through passionate delivering a dish from the heart .
A delicious brunch of Amritsari Kulcha & chole is a popular dish amongst people in the north of India that is where the name Amritsari comes from (north Indian city of Amritsar).

It has taken us years to reach here to discover a way and a means to give something back as in to say the best way possible.

It has been through passion and dedication to give a healthy option ultimately through our Kulcha & chole.

It has been a really amazing path to follow of trials and tribulations which is under stand able to ultimately reach here with a product of amazing quality.